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Tooth whitening

What is at-home tooth whitening supervised by a dentist?

At-home tooth whitening is a simple treatment that you can do at your convenience.

We start with a cleaning and a dental exam to assess the cause of your change in tooth colour, the receptivity of your enamel to treatment and the general health of your teeth. We then take an imprint to create your customized whitening trays.

At your second appointment, we will explain the procedure and provide you with your whitening kit, which contains peroxide-based bleaching gel and your custom trays.  When you are ready, simply apply the prescribed amount of gel to your trays and wear them for the indicated amount of time.

Treatment usually lasts two weeks. Results generally last a few years, but the treatment’s durability depends largely on your dental hygiene habits.

Many other solutions exist to whiten your smile, don’t hesitate to ask us.